I am having problems with the internal G.P.S of the 1870 F. At sea level I have no issues, however once I am up the lakes fishing at about 1000m I continually get a "No Fix" message and it fails to connect to the satellites.As it is somewhat of an isolated location I thought perhaps the internal G.P.S receiver of the unit wasn't particularly strong. I thought this mainly because I have a G.P 32 Unit I run side by side to the 1870F and it picks up satellites no problem and fixes immediately all the time.I then connected the external aerial from the G.P 32 to the GP 1870 F and still I get the "No Fix" message. I am at a loss to explain this other than I may have to configure the GP 1870F somehow for it to use the external antenna rather than its internal one.
I hope you can assist with my problem as I need this function working

Please help.

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